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PayPal announces new buy now, pay later solution to launch in Australia

Customers will be able to split eligible purchases from $50 to $1,500 over four equal, interest-free instalments.

Australia probing default search engines & browsers on devices; Google & Apple in the spotlight

The US Department of Justice filed a complaint against Google in 2020, claiming Google pays Apple an estimated $US8 to12 billion per year to have its search engine be the default...

Joe Biden’s huge COVID stimulus bill has been approved by US Congress

Joe Biden's $US1.9 trillion ($AUD2.5 trillion) rescue package managed to get the votes it needed to pass in the House of Representatives...

Let’s Talk: Build value and avoid competing on price

Judging how to price your service or product can be challenging, particularly in areas where rivals are pushing competitive prices. So, how do you keep your business out of a pricing competition? Let's talk...

Global Microsoft cyber attack leaves Australian businesses vulnerable

The global cyber attack Microsoft shed light on last week has hit tens of thousands of businesses – and Australia’s feeling the brunt of it as well.

Let’s Talk: International Women’s Day Edition – Strategies to become a successful female entrepreneur

To celebrate International Women's Day, we gathered a number of women in business to discuss strategies for successful female entrepreneurship...

Apple Watch’s ECG features have finally been greenlit in Australia

Apple Watch features that allow users to monitor their heart rate will finally be made available in Australia, over two years since first being introduced.

Women and young adults among those hit hardest by COVID-19, Queensland survey finds

The data shows that the number of renters that have lost their jobs or worked less hours during the pandemic is almost twice that of mortgage holders.

Australian media code becomes law as Facebook and Google make deals

The News Media and Digital Platforms Mandatory Bargaining Code has officially been cleared by the federal government...

Let’s Talk: Automation – To be or not to be for your business?

Automation, what is it good for? Is automation a good idea for all businesses? What limitations are there? Let's talk..

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Tourism Australia announces additional support for business events sector

Business Events Australia said it will be giving additional support to the sector through continued funding for its Bid Fund Program and Boost Program.

Businesses urged to update Microsoft Exchange in response to security threats

The Australian Government is urging businesses to update their Microsoft Exchange software in order to protect against newly identified vulnerabilities.

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