James Ackland

James Ackland is the Senior IT Consultant at Hybrid Tech Solutions in Melbourne. With an extensive background in the IT industry, James is passionate about helping businesses grow through well planned and implemented IT systems.

Free Wi-Fi hotspots: What you need to know

They may appear harmless, but free Wi-Fi hot spots come with a number of risks of which which most users, and even many providers, are unaware.

Could you rebuild if your business burnt down today?

If your business burnt down today, what would happen? Would everything fall to pieces or would you be able to move to a different location, retrieve your files and data and keep going without too much fuss?

Should you wait for the NBN to upgrade phone systems?

If you are considering upgrading or changing your system it may be worth waiting to see what becomes available.

The best videoconferencing options for SMEs

Whether you're communicating with customers, clients, colleagues or other stakeholders, having a reliable videoconferencing system can make your business communications easier and more straightforward.

How to determine your business IT needs

If you don’t have an IT background it can be hard to determine what the essential business applications and requirements are for your individual organisation and this is where researching and talking to IT professionals can help.

Finding the right IT services provider is critical, here’s why

A well run and managed IT service gives your business a solid foundation while poorly managed IT can have a detrimental effect on your efficiency, productivity and could cause long term problems.

Why effective file management is so important

Although not everyone is naturally well organised, being able to keep track of and find computer files when you need them can make a massive difference to your productivity and stress levels.

What should you look for when buying a new computer?

Buying a new computer for your business can be an overwhelming decision. With so many different choices on the market, how do you decide...

Windows, Mac or Linux: Which operating system is best for your business?

When you are setting up your IT infrastructure, one of the decisions you will have to make is which operating system to use. This...

How secure is your password?

How do you ensure your information is safe and give yourself the best chance of avoiding unauthorised access to your accounts? Here are some top tips for password security.

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‘Critical’ reforms needed for Australia’s National Electricity Market

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