Joe Kelly

Joe Kelly is a writer for Dynamic Business. He has previously worked in the Canberra Press Gallery and has a keen interest in business, the economy and federal policy. He also follows international relations and likes to read history.

Disrupting the graphic design industry

DesignCrowd was founded in 2007 by Alec Lynch, an engineer by training, who started the concept after leaving his job and taking out $10,000 in savings to run the business from his garage.

Visa overhaul to fuel innovation

Start Up Australia has welcomed a new proposal to try and boost innovation and entrepreneurialism by changing the residency rules for wealthy Chinese investors, but called for more details on the plan.

Christmas consumer sentiment slump

Consumer sentiment has experienced its longest run of pessimism since the Global Financial Crisis and, before that, the early 1990s recession, according to the Westpac monthly sentiment index.

Tax agents still in demand despite tech advancements

Tax agents still in demand despite tech advancements

The habits of successful people

The secret to success may be simpler than you think. Sleep well, eat healthy, learn to be an effective time manager and stay engaged.

China FTA bodes well for Australian business

Australian businesses operating in the services sectors can expect an FTA with Beijing to ease regulatory restrictions and make it easier to operate in and target the huge Chinese market.

Riding the craft beer wave

It was passion that compelled Tim Thomas to start his own brewery in South Nowra and make a play for a slice of the growing craft beer market.

Younger workers unlikely to stay put for five years

New figures show that nearly half the nation’s workers intend on staying in their current jobs for less than five years with young workers aged between 18 to 34 being most likely to change.

Lending competition opens up opportunities for business owners

Increased competition between the major banks on new lending following the global financial crisis is opening up a new opportunity for stable businesses seeking access to finance.

Job ads show labour market stabilising

The labour market has picked up according to the ANZ’s measurement of job ads, with the number of advertisements up 7.5 per cent over the last 12 months.

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