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Franchising: a secure, flexible career refresh

The recently released Franchising Australia Report from Griffith University tells a positive story for franchising, and particularly the retail sector. The report revealed there...

Thinking of starting a franchise? Here are three characteristics you’ll need to succeed

Recent research from Griffith University’s Asia-Pacific Centre for Franchising Excellence shows there are an estimated 70,700 business format franchised units in Australia. That’s thousands of...

Must-haves that lead to growth in business

Business can be a funny beast. One minute you’re hard at work running your business a certain way and then, seemingly out of the...

Don’t rely on turnkey solutions and last year’s answers, new business owners warned

The steps prospective startup founders and franchisees must take to hit the ground running, and the common mistakes they should avoid, were revealed to Dynamic Business in a...

Getting started and keeping on track with a franchise business

Opening a franchise is an appealing option for those who want to own a business, but getting started can be daunting. With a franchise,...

From corporate banking to handyman: A change really is as good as a holiday

We work hard and we strive for promotion; we get promoted and receive financial reward. Do we then pause in content and admire the...

Key tips for growing a franchise business by Anytime Fitness CEO, Arthur McColl

The Australian market has recently seen an untraditional wave of franchise business models, allowing companies to enter the market quickly with low set up...

How one mobile coffee van expanded into an international fleet of over 200

For a new business start-up, the cost and complexity of staff, landlords and rent is all but part of the package. Then comes the...

7-Eleven says model not “dependent” on underpayment and will repay staff

After a joint investigation by Fairfax and Four Corners uncovering widespread underpayment of staff by 7-Eleven franchisees, 7-Eleven has said in a statement that...

PACK & SEND success with the right partnership

Dimitri and Janet say it hasn’t been a complete walk in the park, but believe they have found the balances needed to drive a successful relationship and business simultaneously.

Small business owners: The Budget measures you need to remember

As a small business owner, you need to be clear what this means, where you can save money and what new legislation you are able to take advantage of. Here’s what you should note...

Cleaning company fined $500,000 for offences

A Melbourne cleaning company has been fined half a million dollars in proceedings by the ACCC.

The 5 legal issues to watch out for when investing in a franchise

Choosing a franchise over owning an independent business should provide you with constant back up and support. However, this doesn’t mean that you need to wash your hands of the legal and financial implications.

6 things to know before buying a franchise in 2015

Buying a franchise is often a daunting decision, from both a monetary and lifestyle perspective. Here are six pearls of wisdom to consider when scoping out potential franchises.

How to start an SME in the home improvement industry

The home improvement industry is one arena in which a skilful and tenacious Australian entrepreneur may be interested in starting a vibrant SME.

What should a franchisee expect from a franchisor?

There will be expectations that are unique to each industry, however, when buying into an existing franchise franchisees can expect to receive expert assistance from franchisors in a range of areas relevant to their business.

Government releases updated Franchising Code of Conduct

The Abbott Government has released an updated Franchising Code of Conduct, which Small Business Minister Bruce Billson says will save the sector an estimated $8.6 million per year.

Pizza chain taps the online marketing power of customers to boost profits

For those who have long desired to make their own pizza toppings, there is a new mobile application allowing customers to design and market new pizzas while keeping a slice of the profits.

The top five qualities a franchisor looks for in a franchisee

Franchisors work hard to develop their business model into a format that can be easily replicated. To build an exceptional franchise brand, franchisors are looking for exceptional people to join their team.

Seven key questions to ask before buying a franchise

With the franchise industry contributing an estimated $131 billion to the Australian economy, it is fast becoming a mature sector with many small to medium scale businesses utilising a franchise model as one of their key strategies for growth.