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Defamation and online reviews: What are your rights?

Has your business ever had a bad online review? The traditional advice has been to shake it off and move on. That’s precious little...

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The week in review

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Meriton manipulated their TripAdvisor rating by preventing guests from posting bad reviews

The Federal Court has found that accommodation provider Meriton engaged in misleading or deceptive conduct by implementing a strategy to minimise the number of...

Negative feedback: it’s a gift, don’t waste it

User generated content has revolutionised the way we exchange information about businesses. Whether you’re looking for a hairdresser, restaurant, film or holiday recommendation, ratings...

Why SME mustn’t be afraid of online reviews

Customers have never previously had such a powerful voice thanks to the ever-growing capabilities of the internet and social media. The customer voice has...

A fresh outlook, a second opinion, a critical friend: the case for business consultants

In some ways, running a small business is a lot like being a plate spinner, especially if you're overseeing several projects. You'll need excellent coordination...

Too good to be true: why a negative review could be exactly what your business needs 

With more Australians turning to ratings and review sites to help them make purchase decisions, it is imperative that businesses have a strategy for...