Fred Schebesta

Fred Schebesta is an Internet business veteran in Australia and is the Director of, which was founded in 2006 launching one of Australia's first credit card comparison websites. Following his momentum of success, he continued to launch comparison services for home loans, savings accounts, life insurance and mobile phones. His articles aim to share his professional and personal experiences in entrepreneurship, HR and leadership.

Make mistakes. And make them often.

When you’re starting out, emotions are high and mistakes can be scary. But, I want to submit that making mistakes is key for growth....

“Get your hustle on”: Finder’s CEO shares four networking tips for businesses going global

Once you’ve established your business, it can be easy to get used to the routine that works. This is particularly the case when it...

Why innovation isn’t about being perfect

The idea of having to develop a groundbreaking innovation can seem as terrifying as it is exciting to many entrepreneurs. Innovation is risky and...

5 movies that inspired a successful entrepreneur

Fred Schebesta is the co-founder and director of credit card comparison website In this post he writes about five movies that taught him entrepreneurial lessons.

The complex relationship between mentors and graduates

Mentoring is an excellent method for experienced professionals to pass on the knowledge they have accumulated during their career and a useful way for graduates to learn about their trade.

Face your fear of failure and overcome it

It's inevitable: we're all going to fail at something. Unfortunately, for many people this failure evolves into a fear of trying. Here's how not to let fear get the better of you.

5 reasons Skype is better than a phone line

If you've never used Skype, you're in for a treat. It's a very valuable and low-cost tool in the business world, but one that many SMBs haven't added to their suite. Here are 5 reasons you should consider Skype, now.

Using LinkedIn to build business: Nine ideas

LinkedIn has over 161 million professional users in some 200 different countries, making it the ideal tool for savvy SMBs owners looking to build their businesses. Here are nine ideas to get your online growth strategy started.

10 apps that improve business productivity

When your business is growing, staying on top of everything can be difficult. Without proper organisation, things can get messy when approaching deadlines, making payments or figuring out where your next meeting is. When you can’t do these simple things on the run, it can end up costing your business. These 10 apps will help.

Personal versus business credit cards

Fred Schebesta weighs up the benefits of using business credit cards over personal cards. "There are a myriad of benefits to having a separate business credit card, and dangers to be aware of which will help remind you to keep your spending separate."

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