Editor’s Choice
  • September 9 2015 Entrepreneurialism is a personality trait

    “The heart is extremely important – you need to have a passion for what you do – and you need to enjoy doing it.” These words, spoken by Sir Richard Branson at the National Achievers Congress 2015 in Sydney yesterday succinctly unified a number of messages delivered to over 4000 business owners and entrepreneurs throughout Read More…

  • September 2 2015 Biggest is not always best

    It’s a common assumption that working for a large organisation is the best way to develop in your professional career. In reality – when it comes to the question of where we will excel as individuals, there is no right or wrong. But with scores of graduates attracted to the bright lights of large corporations Read More…

  • August 26 2015 The status quo: Yesterday’s business

    Today’s leaders manoeuvre in an entirely different landscape to their counterparts of years gone by. Accepting that jobs are no longer ‘for life,’ scores of entrepreneurs join the game to take control of their own destinies while advances in technology become threats when not embraced. With the speed of change growing exponentially, now, more than Read More…

  • August 19 2015 Getting with the digital game at the Small Business Festival Victoria

    With consumers juggling multiple digital devices, the value in having a digital presence as well as a physical presence has never been greater. Despite this, according to the Sensis e-Business Report 2015, only 17 per cent of SMBs have a digital business strategy. The pressure on SMBs to navigate the digital sphere is building as those Read More…

  • August 3 2015 From Mexico to Australia: Award winners, Nexba Beverages, tell of their journey

    Relaxing on a beach in Mexico might not be where most would expect to find the business venture of their lifetime but for engineer, Drew Bilbe, that’s exactly what happened. In 2010 while enjoying a glass of cold ice tea on a beach in Rio Nexpa, Drew felt inspired to create his own natural, low Read More…

  • July 31 2015 How to avoid a social media disaster

    Do you use social media to grow your business? While social media can have a very positive impact on your business, a social media marketing mistake can be detrimental and even potentially disastrous for your professional image and reputation. Even if you are a seasoned Twitter or Facebook user there are a few pointers to Read More…

  • July 24 2015 Entrepreneur brings New York shopping experience to your home

    Giving up the security of a high-flying career to ‘go it alone’ is no easy decision and for some, the sacrifices are simply too daunting. Ms Chan, former Australian lawyer from Melbourne, tells Dynamic Business how having the drive, determination and flexibility can secure a successful future in a world of untapped opportunities. Shortly after Read More…

  • July 23 2015 Citrix’s Small Business Bootcamp: Seven Steps to Security Success

    Week 5 of Citrix’s Business Bootcamp will empower you to build a secure IT environment without compromising workforce mobility As you move to the cloud and rollout your subsequent enterprise mobility strategy, there is one critical area you must not overlook – IT security. Enabling employees to access data and work on the move from Read More…

  • July 17 2015 Karen Gee: Fashioning success and inspiring entrepreneurs

    A mother of five and former Mrs Australia Globe, Karen has made a name for herself as not only a successful entrepreneur, taking her self-titled fashion label to towering success in just two short years, but as a philanthropist aiming to instill the drive in others to reach the business success they so desire.

  • July 17 2015 Seven social media trends every SME should know

    With an ever growing selection of digital channels to choose from, it can be difficult for SMEs to know where to start or even keep up with the changes. Here are seven trends in social media affecting SMEs.

  • July 16 2015 The human cost of striving for profit

    Although profit is measured by dollars on the bottom line, the size of that profit can be a measure of how you treat people. Sometimes it is the processes we put in place that damage people.

  • July 16 2015 Are you making these 4 colossal seminar presentation mistakes?

    Much of the fear and anxiety over public speaking boils down to the unknown or ambiguous elements of the presentation itself. Even a little bit of preparation can significantly reduce your anxiety.

  • July 16 2015 Citrix’s Small Business Bootcamp: Control and Deliver

    Week 4 of Citrix’s Business Bootcamp is all about taking full control of your cloud-ready, mobile workforce When you stop to think about it, the simple purpose of IT is to provide tools which allow us to work faster and smarter, and that help us achieve our business goals. By moving your business to the Read More…

  • July 15 2015 What’s your story? Why you need to hone your elevator pitch

    ‘What do you do?’ is a standard icebreaker, but it’s also a qualifier to see if there is potential to do business with the person standing before us.

  • July 14 2015 Managing key person risk

    Fortunately for large scale corporates, although key person risk can be nominally substantial, companies are well capitalised to weather the loss. The same cannot always be said for SMEs.