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Victoria claims title of Australia’s job capital as employment numbers surge

Victoria has claimed a post-lockdown victory with promising employment numbers that place the state ahead of the rest of Australia.

Three ways to ensure your employees work safely from home

When a pandemic effects a revolution, by making remote work common, employers must re-think their approach. They have to answer this question: How do you ensure a safe place of work when that place is an employee’s home? Here are three practical suggestions.

The pandemic pivot: 5 ways coronavirus shifted HR priorities

With the ups and down during the pandemic, one thing remained clear for businesses: exceptional HR is not an optional extra – it’s a necessity.

Victoria to end 5-day lockdown; businesses breathe sigh of relief

Some good news for Victorians as the State Government announces the ‘circuit breaker’ lockdown will officially be over from 11:59pm tonight, 17th February 2021.

Let’s Talk: The office vs. working from home?

Working from home is now a viable option for many businesses. So, this far into the pandemic, what do we think? Work office vs. Home? Let's talk...

Six reasons for more Aussie women to join the tech industry

If you’re a woman and thinking about a career in tech, here are six things you need to consider.

Federal Government announces plans to change JobSeeker rate as payments return to pre-pandemic levels

Treasurer Josh Frydenberg has revealed that the Federal Government is planning to make changes to the JobSeeker rate when the coronavirus supplement ends in March.

[UPDATED] NSW cafes and restaurants can double capacity as COVID restrictions across the state ease further

Some good news for cafes and restaurants across NSW as COVID-19 restrictions relax further from today, Friday, following a promising month.

How your business should approach reducing headcount following the end of JobKeeper

As JobKeeper closes, businesses may need to reduce headcount to keep wage bills affordable. Here's how to approach a restructure legally and effectively...

‘Portable entitlements for insecure work’: Anthony Albanese promising new workplace laws under Labor

Federal opposition leader Anthony Albanese is proposing a number of sizeable work reforms: Among them, an aim to provide those in insecure work with entitlements and employment security.

Seven steps to attract and hire the best staff in 2021

Now is the perfect time for businesses to re-evaluate their hiring processes. Here are tips for any business looking to land top talent...

Is your business ready for a data breach? Here’s what you should know

Hacking and data breaches have become increasingly common for business owners and leaders. Here's what you need to know...

The fitness franchise that’s punched up during the pandemic

Boxing and strength-focused fitness franchise 12RND Fitness has 18 more locations set to launch in 2021. We chat to Co-Founder Tim West...

The end of JobKeeper is nigh: How your business should prepare

Instead of feeling paralysed by worry, businesses should see this as an opportunity. Here's how businesses can transition to a post-JobKeeper environment successfully.

Australia’s employment landscape recovers as 43 per cent of companies raise headcount in 2021

The Michael Page Talent Trends report reveals that 43 per cent of businesses expect to increase their headcount in 2021.

How to keep business costs down, while still achieving your strategic goals

Making cuts to costs that are too deep can impact employee and customer satisfaction. Don’t cut costs enough, it can embed inefficiencies into the business or threaten viability. So...

Small business sustainability in a COVID-19 world: Australia Post and Banksia Foundation

New research by Australia Post and the Banksia Foundation looks at key issues that SMEs are facing when it comes to small business sustainability in a post-COVID world.

Humanforce to provide workforce solutions for large-scale events as COVID restrictions ease

The workforce management solution provider will offer new tools to help venues and event organisers.

HR and payroll: what you can expect in 2021

HR and payroll trends that emerged during COVID-19 are set to strengthen during 2021.

COVID-19 Restrictions to ease across Sydney; here are the changes

More guests per household, no compulsory mask-wearing at retail venues, eased restrictions on the square metres spacing rule, and more...