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BCA calls on government to fix ‘broken’ childcare and paid parental leave systems

The Business Council of Australia (BCA) is urging the government to use next month's budget as an opportunity to increase female workforce participation.

How to budget for and deliver a functioning hybrid workplace

Spending and investment patterns in place prior to the pandemic now need to be revised. Here are key steps to take for a hybrid workplace...

Re-engaging in a post-pandemic world: the great HR challenge of 2021

Across the world, we’re seeing people professionals and leaders addressing some big issues in the wake of the COVID pandemic...

Breaking gender stereotypes: 4 key strategies women need to negotiate higher salary

According to latest WEF's 2021 ‘Global Gender Gap report’, it will take another 135.6 years to close the gender parity gap.

Remote work is now a make-or-break recruitment decision: Qualtrics survey

A new Qualtrics survey reveals that the ability to work remotely has become a make-or-break recruitment decision.

Five steps to fix your dysfunctional workplace

Staff turnover, conflicts, a negative workplace culture. These are symptoms of a dysfunctional workplace that must be fixed. Here's how...

Growing a business in lockdown: here’s how we did it

International expansion – into China and the UK – had been on the agenda for a while. After COVID hit, our directors took the brave decision to press ahead anyway...

Should your organisation be implementing gamification?

Today, 97% of Fortune 500 countries use game-based learning in the workplace to level up employee engagement. Incorporating games in the workplace can breathe new life into company meetings, and enhance the workplace culture and employee experience.

How hiring remote developers is changing the digital industry

There's been perhaps no better time to take advantage of what the rise in remote work can offer your business...

The Australian staff management juggle: Remaining compliant while managing a flexible & evolving workforce

As businesses embrace temporary and contract workers more than ever, certainty on the terms these workers can be employed is more important than ever...

Why building a stand-out team is the secret sauce to agency growth in 2021

Here's valuable leadership advice for not only managing staff in agencies, but in businesses as a whole. Read on...

Hiring doesn’t stop with HR, leaders need to embrace their role in employee engagement too

With HR bearing the brunt of supporting remote employees since the world turned upside-down, how can leaders actively provide an integrated approach that supports HR and their focus on talent and employee retention?

Is working from home all it’s cracked up to be? The pros & cons of remote work

Working from home has benefits and pitfalls for both for employees and employers. Let’s look at the pros and cons...

Six remote working lessons for businesses on the rise

A year into the pandemic, here are some valuable lessons learned for businesses about powering on productively when you’re far apart...

Let’s Talk: The end of JobKeeper and what it could mean for your business

With JobKeeper reaching its end, Let's Talk about what this big change could mean for businesses around Australia...

Increased stress, prioritising diversity and inclusion: New report shows state of HR industry a year on from COVID

Digital Recruiting Company HireVue has published a new study on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic on Australia’s hiring industry.

Let’s Talk: How can you drive motivation and teamwork among staff?

How do you keep staff motivated and ensure you have a thriving workplace? We talk to various business leaders and find out...

The future of work is not just digital, it’s distributed

While this period can be challenging, it's also allowed for new technologies, working styles and digital operations being tried out en masse.

How Intrepid Travel was smacked with an industry-changing pandemic – and kept on swimming

Intrepid began 2020 with the biggest month of sales it had ever seen. And then the clouds rolled in...

Mentorship gets women into tech, but sponsorship keeps them there

Rebecca Bradburne explains how sponsorship helps women succeed in the tech industry, at a time when women are still underrepresented in STEM.