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7 things your customer wants to see on your website

When creating a website, it is easy to lose focus of what really matters: the experience for your customer. A recent study found 75...

Perfecting your online business card: how to find a website developer who can make all the difference

Your website is often the first impression that a potential customer has of your brand. These days, people look online when they are searching...

The legal risks of online customer feedback

More Australian businesses are allowing customers to post comments and feedback either on the business’ website or on their social media sites. With the benefits of customer interaction comes the risk of legal liability for customer comments on a business website.

Got hacked? Google’s got some tips for you

When your site is hacked, it can feel like a disaster. Google announced it's set up a place where you can learn how to get back on your feet again.

Be social, local and mobile and customers will find you

SoLoMo, an amalgam for social, local and mobile, is the latest digital buzz word. It combines the best of both the virtual, digital and real worlds, bridging the gap between user and the web. These tips will help ensure your business speaks SoLoMo.

Create a web presence with more ‘byte’: Five tips

Getting online is a key strategy for any business to attract new customers, build customer loyalty, create new revenue streams and increase visibility. And it doesn’t need to be expensive or tricky either...

Don’t get left behind in online dash for cash

If the fees associated with eCommerce transactions are putting you off selling online, you’re being shortsighted. This opinion piece from Matt Bullock explores the benefits.

Australian online spend to skyrocket, retail urged to shift focus

Small businesses and bricks & mortar retailers are being urged to heed new figures that show Australians will spend over $13.6 billion online this year; with experts advising they focus on engaging customers via multiple channels to build deeper relationships and grab the consumer dollar.

SMBs warned: E-commerce growth involves risks

Australian small and medium businesses are embracing e-commerce in record numbers now, but experts are warning they should remain vigilant about risks associated with internet use.

Google & MYOB get 4,100 businesses online

Google and MYOB's joint project ‘Getting Aussie Businesses Online’ has seen more than 4,000 businesses take up the offer of a free website, an average of eight Australian business owners per hour since its launch on March 2, 2011.