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The rise of online quoting websites: Seven tips to help small business owners close more leads

The recent rise of online quoting websites has been great for both customers and businesses. How can small business owners maximise the potential of...

The new pricing paradigm: the CEO of Oneflare on why going in low is not the smart move

There’s a misconception among business owners that customers consider price to be the key factor when selecting a business online. Yet, our research is...

Why SME mustn’t be afraid of online reviews

Customers have never previously had such a powerful voice thanks to the ever-growing capabilities of the internet and social media. The customer voice has...

Why actively mining your customer database for repeat business makes financial sense

When trying to grow a business, it’s tempting to put most of your efforts into finding new customers. However, in many cases it can...

Before getting hitched, solidify your business: Oneflare’s CEO on securing the right investors

It was 2010 and I needed to find someone that could build shelves for my apartment. What seemed like a simple task, proved more...

Aussie startup inspiring home design with new tool

Oneflare, the Australian online trade and services marketplace, has launched Scrapbooks, a design inspiration tool that aims to make it easier for users to plan and execute design and renovation projects.

Trade-based SMBs experience substantial growth online

Removalists, cleaners, and electricians have been named Australia’s top performing trade and service based small businesses.

Passion for technology fires up business idea

Marcus Lim always had an interest in technology, but it wasn’t until he moved out and had to renovate his new apartment that he came up with a way to turn that interest into a business.