Jeff Downs

Jeff Downs is an expert in conferencing technology and services. In 2007, he moved to Sydney with his family and established Redback Conferencing, a web, video and teleconferencing specialist provider.

Businesses still need to have their event ‘Plan B’ until 2021 – here’s why

The impact of the coronavirus outbreak has been felt on major public events worldwide, with Japan flagging the postponement of this year’s Tokyo Olympic Games and...

How to keep an online audience engaged

Don’t worry, you’re not alone: It can be incredibly difficult to keep an online audience engaged and interested for an extended period of time. These tips will help you manage it.

Why you need an exit plan from day dot

The sooner you begin thinking about life after your business, the better prepared you will be for that day and the more likely it will happen on your terms. Here's what you need to consider when putting yours together.

Market your webinar by standing out from the crowd

More organisations are tapping into webinars due to their reach, convenience and user friendly applications. But what's the best way to market them? The trick is to stand out from the online crowd.

The etiquette guide for a successful teleconference

Although the introduction of webinars, web conferences and webcasts has meant the faithful teleconference has taken a backseat, it's still a valuable communication tool for SMBs. But don't let the lack of visual engagement impact on your manners and meeting etiquette.

From chalk to online talk: How to roll out eLearning programs

It's no secret that training your employees gives your organisation an edge. But the impact of the global recession has meant businesses are also looking for ways to improve efficiencies and cut costs - this is where eLearning comes into play.

The benefits of using webinars as a communication tool

Imagine having the ability to communicate with stakeholders on a regular basis, without either of you having to leave your current location. Sounds pretty handy, doesn't it? Some very accessible technology is allowing small businesses to do just this.

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