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Organisational resilience critical to addressing security threats

The perception often exists that the biggest threat to an organisation is external, however, it’s almost always internal inadvertent causes that are related to an external targeted attack that pose the greatest problems

ERP – How to choose a warehousing system

Before you dash off to start looking at demonstrations of warehousing systems, it’s wise to invest some time to understand what level of system will best suit your business.

From phone to paper: Printing in a mobile world  

Widespread use of mobile devices – both at home and within the workplace – has encouraged development of another, new mobile technology: printing.

Ford launches technology that slows down your car by reading speed signs

Ford has launched Intelligent Speed Limiter, technology they say will automatically slow down cars according to road speed limits.

Adobe Document Cloud integrates free e-signing

Adobe has introduced Adobe Document Cloud following up Creative Cloud and Marketing Cloud with a service integrating free e-signing as part of its solution.

Could pilotless flying cars take on Uber?

The flying vehicle will be able to take off and land on long grass strips, with runways and landing strips beside highways allowing for the vehicle to land, retract its wings, and simply join the traffic. Easy.

Not sure about buying an Apple Watch? Rent it

Lumoid will be offering Apple Watches to rent from a $45 starting price.

Apple Watch: details, release date, prices

Apple’s highly anticipated new bit of technology is on its way, set to tackle the wrist market with an app-focused extension of the company’s ecosystem.

Samsung Galaxy S6 revealed: Metal, big power, and wireless charging

Samsung has finally unveiled their Samsung Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 Edge at this year’s Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, revealing redesigned Galaxy smartphones with a boost in power.

Australia “stalling out” in digital innovation

Australia is stalling when it comes to the digital revolution, according to a number of top academics and even the government's own independent report commissioned last year.

Yahoo tackling mobile competitors with Developer Suite

Yahoo has unveiled its Mobile Developer Suite at the first Yahoo Mobile Developer Conference in San Francisco.

Samsung targets Apple Pay by acquiring LoopPay

Samsung has announced its acquisition of LoopPay, a point-of-sale (POS) solution that enables magnetic stripe readers to read credit card information from a device.

Samsung to release Galaxy phone with 3-sided screen

A new report reveals Samsung Electronics Co. will be unveiling two versions with all-metal bodies and 5.1-inch screens, one of which will have a display covering three sides.

CoinJar tackles fluctuating Bitcoin prices

Australia’s largest Bitcoin company has introduced Hedged Accounts, giving users of Bitcoin the ability to peg the price of the digital currency against the fiat currency of their choice.

Raspberry Pi 2 released for $US35, with added Windows 10

The Raspberry Pi Foundation has been making big moves to ensure their credit-card sized computer gets into more hands, and the $US35 price tag on the new Pi 2 should attract a wave of tech lovers.

Apple reports record quarter profits, Apple Watch to ship in April

The record quarterly profit equates to $3.06 per diluted share. This marks the biggest quarterly profit made by a public company to date.

Social safety comes first for app founder

Kathleen Kenny came up with tribesta whilst driving to pick up her daughter from school. After witnessing the aftermath of an accident, which had left a woman trapped in her car, Kathleen thought, “What if that was me?”

Samsung Galaxy S6 rumours boasting big changes

The Samsung Galaxy S6 is said to be on its way and, if rumours are to be believed, it may see Samsung bringing on some pretty big changes.

9 things you didn’t know knowledgebase software could do

Knowledgebase software is one of the top current business applications. It can help you organize your company’s knowledge resources into searchable databases so that employees and customers can find answers and solutions faster.

Microsoft reveals plans to deliver cloud services from Australian datacenters

Microsoft Corp. has today announced plans to deliver Office 365 and Dynamics CRM Online from Australian datacenters by the end of March 2015.