Editor’s Choice
  • July 14 2015 5 tips to keep your SMB in tip-top financial shape

    More Australians are encouraged to venture into the SMB world and are on the lookout for savvy business advice. Here are 5 must-know tips.

  • July 14 2015 A beginner’s guide to investing in real estate

    Real estate is a very competitive field, and beginners need to have a thorough understanding of what they are getting themselves into in order to make smart investments.

  • July 13 2015 Post-budget business confidence holds, but nevertheless poor

    The tax write-offs introduced in the Budget was cited a key factor in business confidence holding its level, yet the economic difficulties seen overseas and poor employment numbers continue to hold it down.

  • July 10 2015 Brisbane mum taking coaching industry online

    A Sunshine Coast mum is taking Australia’s multi-million dollar coaching industry to the net, launching one of the world’s first e-platforms for coaches in a variety of fields.

  • July 10 2015 The value of a lost receipt: Why businesses should capture every expense

    An individual earns income, pays income tax and then pays expenses with what’s left. A business basically pays for expenses with pre-tax dollars whereas an individual pays expenses with post-tax dollars.

  • July 9 2015 Big data and small business: 5 tips to make it work

    These days any business—small, medium, or large—can access enough data to analyse patterns, trends and find new ways to make better decisions. In the digital age, there’s no such thing as being too small for big data.

  • July 9 2015 Why small business should not fear AI, but embrace it

    When the words artificial intelligence are floated about many of us instantly think of self-aware and highly intelligent machines intent on the destruction of the human race, not small business advantages.

  • July 8 2015 Starting up? 5 big questions to ask yourself before you do

    Kind words can perhaps unintentionally disarm an entrepreneur into believing that it is obvious they will succeed. So before you turn your great idea into a business, there are some tough questions you need to ask yourself.

  • July 8 2015 Maximising value from the IT budget to achieve better business outcomes

    It has never been more vital than now for IT professionals to identify ways that can help the company as a whole make more intelligent business decisions. Importantly, they need to determine the best allocation of resources by gaining a better view of their IT and whether they are truly achieving value for the organisation.

  • July 7 2015 How to PR yourself and your brand in the Digital Age

    Whether accidental and social or driven and professional, your digital presence (or lack of it) is there for your customers, staff and prospects to see. If your digital brand is lacking or not clearly visible, your competitors will notice and fill the gap.

  • July 7 2015 Freeing your workers from their desks

    Advances in technology and cloud computing have made working from anywhere possible. Recent tax amendments in the latest federal budget have also incentivised this, allowing businesses to give their staff all the equipment they need to be truly mobile.

  • July 6 2015 How to increase your Twitter engagement and boost your business

    Platforms like Twitter work best if you use them to engage with potential followers and industry leaders rather than seeing them exclusively as a way to promote your message.

  • July 6 2015 Building a subscription business in 2015

    “Subscriber experience” is comprehensive, focusing on how to build subscriber trust and loyalty from initial contact through registration, service delivery, customer support, billing and payment, account modification and renewal.

  • July 6 2015 Tax tips for budding startup businesses

    As easy as it might be now to juggle a full-time job and work as a freelance writer in your spare time, you may not have considered the tax implications – a mistake that can leave you out of pocket for several thousands of dollars when your tax bill comes in.

  • July 3 2015 The importance of thought leadership for businesses

    Although there are many new challenges for businesses to deal with, the interconnectedness and collaborative nature of the 21st century global market enables businesses and leaders to exchange ideas and information that can help resolve these issues.

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